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 A really good herbal wound formula

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PostSubject: A really good herbal wound formula   Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:23 am

Thought I'd post a herbal formula up for those studying herbal medicine for equines.I've used this mixture for years.It works a treat.Never any infection and have never needed to use antibiotics with this - I've used the mix on some really nasty deep wounds over time.
Anyway I thought I'd share the formula with others.
4 parts Plantain
2 parts St John's wort
2 parts Rosemary
2 parts Yarrow
1 part Echinacea root(ground)
1 part Myrrh gum (ground)
1/4 part Black Peppercorns (ground).
Why the peppercorns?
I feel that they stimulate blood circulation to the wound site and are part of the synergy of this mix.
You can use this mixture as a poultice or grind it up as a herbal powder to dust minor wounds with.
Mixed with honey it works even faster to stimulate healing.
If you're using it as a herbal poultice place into the wound and bandage.Reapply the mixture daily and do not remove any herb mix which sticks to the site.
Recently I used this formula (mixed with honey) on a dairy goat -post caesarean who 5 days after surgery had a reopened deep stitch site, which appeared infected.
Bogged the wound up and bandaged over - reapplied for 5 days.The size of the open wound site decreased daily.
Our vet was VERY impressed with the results as was I and Bertha the doe!
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A really good herbal wound formula
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